In 1994, President Bill Clinton dropped the trade embargo against Vietnam. At the US Commerce’s urging, we were among the first American companies to resume trade.  Today, 26 years later, we have become well know within the Industrial Sector of Vietnam and routinely receive requests to help Vietnamese companies bring their products to the US market.

Our FB Industries Inc. staff have degrees in international business, manufacturing and logistics. As important, we have an in depth understanding of the business culture of Vietnam. We are uniquely equipped to move things along while safeguarding our customers’ position. We are the guide to the right production facility, the conduit for timely, accurate communication and supervision of the overall production process.

Our entire mission is to help US companies find reliable Vietnamese partners. FB Industries Inc. is the authorized US representative for some twenty-six Vietnamese companies, producing a wide range of industrial products and services in metal castings, metal working, plastic and machinery building.  (See our list of products).

We make things happen!  We take you from your initial inquiry to “purchase” seamlessly and then relieve you of the burden of shopping for and arranging shipping.  (See our list of services).